Yes, it’s just terrible that I figure when you come into the blog

you’ll follow that blog’s rules and that if you’ve been here for 6 years that you’d know those rules.

And it’s absolutely unforgivable that I’d find issue with you asking me to find info you can easily find for yourself.

If you think I’m a prick, please, don’t ever join any technical computer mailing lists or don’t spend time on any of the antique car forums or anything like that where the first response is RTFM (or often RTFMA) or, “Hey, you know, there’s this site called Google. Try there.”

I came on strong at first, and I do that sometimes. I do it when people don’t bother to read the rules and get a sense for what is going on. I do that when people do things like say, “I couldn’t find anything on Google,” when I try and in the first shot get over 16,000 hits for the same thing. I do it when I’m sticking up for blog members on this list, like Ann, who had a good point and who, if you’ve been a member for 6 years and even checked in once in a while, was reacting as one would expect from your post.

So if someone who expects others to know what’s acceptable before they post and who sticks up for other members and who expects people to find what info they can on their own before asking everyone else to spend their time helping them is a prick, then I’m a prick.

I avoid name calling, so I won’t call you anything.…