I’ve learned, when I walk into a new social situation

to watch and observe before acting. What are the rules and behavior of the people in that blog? Find out what’s going on BEFORE speaking up.

If you had taken any time to check the email sent to you, as I mentioned in my response (and was about the only thing you didn’t bother to respond to again — funny how you omit that…), then you would have had a sense of what goes on here regularly. Several times a month people come in and say, “Has anyone heard of XXXXX?” or, as you said, “Anyone have any info on this company?”

Yes, we see that over and over and 90% of the time it’s followed up with, “Well it seems to be a different MLM and you can make money with it!” Still, whether it’s a plant or not, we specifically say, in the email you were sent on joining and in the documents you were asked to read (or at least in one of them).

Don’t start asking Ann why her comment had anything to do with your question or jump on me for standing by her when YOU came into a blog without bothering to learn the ground rules — especially when they were spelled out to you. Don’t give us a hard time when you made an entrance by basically letting us know you don’t care about the rules of the blog. If you note, almost all I said was backing Ann up. Like the rest of us, she’s tired of people that do what you did: Make a post that makes it clear you didn’t care enough about this community to read what we sent you first.

Again, the one point in my letter you skipped over was that your actions made it clear you didn’t even bother to read the ground rules before coming into the blog. So don’t piss and moan about other people and what they say without seeing if you, perhaps, could have made a better entrance and introduction in this conversation.

When I came into this blog, it was because I was quite taken with a young women who was in QX. I was very distraught and caught up in a frustrating and painful situation and needed help. I got the same email you did. I read it. I read the documents it recommended. Why?
Because I needed help and I was not about go bust into the one group I found that could help me and make a fool out of myself.

The same option was open to you.

I spend a LOT of time in this blog, either helping those who need help, not suffering fools well, presenting logical fallacies in the reasonings of MLMs, working out the kinds of questions that we can ask MLMers that may get them to think about what is going on, and so on.
I’ve kept up with many people in this blog privately if they’ve needed help and anyone who has watched this blog longer than a few months can tell you my dedication to helping people and going up against MLMs is not something that can be questioned.

But I’m also disinclined to help people who come in, don’t bother to read the ground rules, then piss and moan about what’s going on.

Now, having said all that, if you want help, be honest and forthright and tell us what’s going on and we’ll see if we can help. We can be quite nice and helpful — even I can be that way, but not to people who just bust in without learning what’s going on first.…