I have the magazine at home

so I’ll try to remember to grab it and post more details. I didn’t notice the article until after I brought it home. But off the top of my head, they offered tips on how to make it work and what to watch out for… but in my opinion the advice was very weak. They also profiled moms from specific businesses including their company and their income. It looked similar to the success stories you might see in some of the MLM catalogs. They gave median incomes for some of the businesses and if I recall correctly had most of them in the range of $18,000 to $22,000 a year. (Which taken at face value can make it look like most people make around that much, if you don’t know better) They also had a little chart that included some up an coming MLMs and compared them to tried and true. And yes, it was written as a viable way to make money and stay home with the kids.