ARGH !! It’s SO HARD to give creditors money !!!

Seriously, you would think it would not be this hard!! TMobile was so nice a few months back to break up my son’s phone bill into monthly payments. So I called them 2 days ago to find out the remaining balance since I knew I had money coming in from payday loans online service $270 they told me, including the $90 I hadn’t yet paid for this month (I paid the regular bill but not the installment.) Hm. $270 seemed low, but ok 🙂 But it happened to be the same amount as I owed on two credit cards (total). So I debated for a day about which ones I should pay off, and decided to go with TMobile. Yeah, just called. They’re like, don’t know who you talked to, but it’s $270 PLUS the $90. Sigh. I just deposited the babysitting check (350) so I only had 200 of it active. Could I have paid off the whole thing? Yes, I could have. But the vote was barely in tmobiles’ favor, so I ended up just giving them the 90 and paying off the two credit cards. So the good news is 2 CC’s gone. I’m grateful, but the nerd in me is flipping a gasket because we went OFF PLAN !!!