Bad news

Bad news: When you don’t deposit your cash tips from serving, they disappear into thin air.
Good news: I now have my own stock of bank envelopes in the car so I can just put it in on the way home from work.

Bad news: Disappearing tips = nothing paid off yet
Good news: 2006 PPT will be paid in full at the end of the month.

Looked into refinancing our house even though we’re a year out and would have prepayment penalties. Talked with Churchill Mortgage. Figured that’s our best bet. VERY helpful. Even though at this point we can’t do anything. He really helped me get perspective again and gave us a game plan on what to do to get to the point that we CAN refi next year.

But, question…. basically, he reitterated the 4 walls and then EVERYTHING else goes to pay off the debts. What about the places we have payment arrangements in place with? He basically said that by only paying little bits to each creditor, no one was happy and reporting on our credit reports anyway. So stop paying all but what we can pay in full and we’ll quickly get those paid off and have that many fewer people reporting us. So back to that question… how do I tell Dell who we agreed to pay $60 a month or Capital One that we won’t be paying them anything for the next 18 months, but then we’ll pay them off in full? That doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t I need to pay them SOMETHING? Or just work to get them current and just pay minimums?

Red Lobster is going pretty good really. I’m back to enjoying it again. Went through about 3 weeks of panic attacks on the days I had to work. Once I was there I was fine, but the whole day prior to going in I was a mess. I’m really getting the hang of it though and bringing in about $55-$60 a night x 3-4 nights a week = at min $165 more a week = $660 a month. 4 nights a week = $880 a month. They rotate me at 3 nights one week and 4 nights the next. ALL of that is going straight to savings now and thrown a the snowball.