when I had put up last month that my electric bill was $222.00. We cut back with absolutly no dryer. Everything was outside or hanging up in the house.. and no a/c unless it got over 85 in the house or just too humid to deal with. Well the verdict is in. The bill for this month was only 146.00!!! I think we did pretty good as a family in cutting down that bill. Now we’ll try a little harder

Right now we are paying $5 a month to

our credit cards, medical bills, etc… that’s all we had once I was throwing everything else at getting our 2006 Personal Property Tax paid (2006 PPT). Once that is paid, then we can finally pay my sales tax on my car and get it licensed and legal. (once we save that up). The idea was that at $5 a month, no one is happy and all are wanting more. I can’t give them more at this point and so that is why pay them off one at a time. But, like I said, the Dell and Cap One wouldn’t pay off untl Feb ’09. I re-ran my Snowball with paying about $50 to each of these and then subtracted that amount from the “extra” we are throwing at it. Basically the same amount is going towards it, but spread out a little more. Somehow that actually pushed our Debt Free date to Sept 2008. Somehow that doesn’t seem right… gonna have to refigure…